shaun-cropThanks for checking out my website where I can give you a glimpse into what’s happening at SKC.  A born and bred Aussie, I grew up in Canberra, ACT where I fell in love with the surrounding bush land and native flora and fauna.  This appreciation evolved into a love for reclaimed wood and fallen trees, which I’ve always envisioned turning into something new and beautiful.

I’m formally trained as a plumber and gasfitter, where I formed a solid knowledge base in construction.  However, I always craved more on the creative and design side, and am now following that passion by focusing on furniture building and remodeling.  My work includes designing and sketching concepts, choosing custom materials, and building out individualized furniture pieces or full remodeled spaces.  Through this medium I can work closely with clients’ individual styles and ultimately have a shared appreciation for what we are creating together.

When I’m not in the shop in Truckee, I’m out adventuring, climbing, surfing, camping or traveling with my wife Maiya and little guy Terner.